Thistledown: A Tragedy of Blood

Created by AndHeGames

A story-driven fantasy tragedy. Anthropomorphic rabbits. Darkly evil faeries.

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Entering beta testing...
about 1 month ago – Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 06:09:21 PM

Hello! Quick update:

Thistledown is coming along really nicely. I've finished the construction of the game, and I've entered the beta testing/polishing stage, and I'm going to try and polish as much as possible. Thistledown is a compact game. Instead of making it as big as possible, I'm going to make it as good as possible.

That means I am going to be playing the game over and over again, tweaking, re-drawing, re-writing, re-designing - making everything as solid as I possibly can in the time that I have.

I'm also working on the short game "Shepherd's Purse", which I'll plan on launching sometime after the launch of Thistledown. It will be free to all backers! 

Thanks again to Mary for making this stretch goal happen - she generously made a post-kickstarter donation to reach the stretch goal. Say "thanks" to her below, she's the reason you're all getting this extra game for free!

Thanks again for believing in my game. I'll do my best to make it great.

Continuing down the road
4 months ago – Wed, Dec 04, 2019 at 02:24:47 PM

Hello! I've been plugging away at Thistledown, and I have a bunch of new things to show you! The game is really coming together.

Quick question:

If things go well and I got the game done earlier than expected, would you like to have the game right away, or wait until I've shipped the physical products?

Quick request:

Thistledown has a pre-order page here:

Share that link+one of the screenshots below. Your friends will be able to buy Thistledown at a lower price, just because you shared it with them!

Now, onto the screenshots!!

Thanks for supporting Thistledown!! :)

Surveys, stickers, and swamps!
8 months ago – Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 12:33:47 PM

I've been working hard at fleshing out the world. Still in progress, but here's a quick video of the swamp!

The Sapila, the rat people, are confined to the swamps, under the flinty eyes of the watchers.


I love stickers, love designing them, love sticking them on things. I've ordered the first couple designs for Thistledown:

 There's going to be a wide variety of stickers, and they'll all be awesome.

Surveys coming out

Over today and tomorrow, surveys will be landing in your inboxes. You'll be able to add to/adjust your pledge if need be (maybe get those stickers, if you wish), and you'll insure that you get your rewards on time!

Do not delay filling out your survey - if you need to change your address later, you can do that easily. I want you to be able to get your stuff ASAP. Speaking of -


So, a few things have changed in my life, so I'm able to devote a lot more time to building Thistledown- the scheduled release of the game is looking like it will be significantly earlier than I anticipated. The physical rewards take a little longer to get out, but you wouldn't mind if I delivered the game early, right?


The Pre-Order page is up, and you can still share a discounted price with your friends:

Please share this link with people who might love the game - it helps tremendously.


Thank you again for supporting my work! I really believe I have the best backers on Kickstarter.

Stretch goal GET, and a sticker design!
8 months ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 02:59:48 PM

First, we've got a cool new sticker design - in the style of a wood cut.

 This is a mockup, but we'll be getting real stickers in a little while - I'll post pictures then.

Stretch goal!

Thanks to the generosity of one of Thistledown's backers, another stretch goal has been unlocked - free for everyone. We've unlocked a short story: Shepherd's Purse. I'll post more details about this story in time.

I told my Worldbuilding collaborator about this, and he said: "You just have the best backers!"

I agree.

Thank you again for backing Thistledown, and being among the best backers.

Look for those surveys soon!


What's next?
9 months ago – Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 03:57:43 PM

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